The Official Statistics Programme, based on the Statistics Law of Turkey No 5429, is prepared for a 5-year-period in order to determine the basic principles and standards dealing with the production and dissemination of official statistics and to produce reliable, timely, transparent and impartial data required at national and international level. A programmed period for the Turkish Statistics System has been launched with The Official Statistics Programme 2007-2011. The second Official Statistics Programme covers the period 2012-2016.

This Programme will enable to prevent repetitions in the production and dissemination of official statistics, decrease the burden on respondents, save on labour force and resources and enhance the confidence on official statistics. Furthermore, official statistics are standardized, responsible and related institutions are defined, data compilation methodology and the publication periodicity/schedule of official statistics are specified.

Along with the second Programme, the official statistics are presented to the users with their meta-data and variable lists.

In relation to the implementation of the Programme, data identified to be produced by institutions and organizations other than Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) in the Official Statistics Programme shall be considered as official statistics. Thus, in any field required, only one reliable official statistics is produced.

Statistics not foreseen, but required to be producedin the pragramme period, shall be considered as official statistics in case they are included in the Programme until the end of annual updating period in cooperation with TURKSTAT.

In the context of the preparation of the Official Statistics Programme 2012- 2016, 40 working groups were established, a total of 91 meetings were held by the aforementioned groups and 438 representatives from 155 institutions and organizations attended these meetings. The current situation of the statistical data produced by the stakeholders, data sources, data compilation methods, classifications, the publication schedule and the responsible institutions of official statistics were evaluated at these meetings.

In the framework of the decisions taken at the meetings, the reports prepared by involved working group members were sent to the responsible and related institutions and organizations and their opinions and proposals are received in written form. The draft Programme prepared in accordance with the reports received from the institutions and organizations was discussed at the Statistical Council Meeting held on 26/10/2011.

Adoption of the Official Statistics Programme 2012-2016, prepared by TURKSTAT and the institutions and organizations involved was decided by the Council of Ministers at 23/12/2011 in reference to the article 3 of the Statistical Law of Turkey number 5429, regarding the Ministry of Development Act No 151 of 21/12/2011; and put into practice after it was published in the Official Gazette No: 28164 of 05/01/2012. The Programme was revised according to the suggestions and recommendations came from organizations which are in the content of the official statistics programme by the decision of the Council of Ministers with decision number of 2013/5386 in 2013.